Apr. 20, 2018 - New IRS Guidance Released for Retirement Plans - New guidance released for retirement plans – reduces Form 5300 user fees, explains IRS has begun issuing opinion/advisory letters for pre-approved defined benefit plans restated for the 2012 Cumulative List, and changes the pre-approved plan program for cash balance plans.
Mar. 15, 2018 - Things to Remember when Considering Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans - Things to Remember when Considering Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans
Jan. 31, 2018 - IRS Fix-It Guides - The IRS released updated tips on how to find, fix, and avoid common mistakes in retirement plans.
Dec. 6, 2017 - Updated 2018 Taxable Maximum Amount Announced - The new amount for 2018, based on updated wage data reported to Social Security, is $128,400.
Dec. 6, 2017 - Save for Retirement Now, Get a Tax Credit Later; Savers Credit Helps Low-, Moderate-Income Workers - The Internal Revenue Service reminds low- and moderate-income workers to plan now to earn a credit on their 2017 tax return. A special tax break can help people with modest incomes save for retirement. It’s called the Saver’s Credit and it could mean up to a 50 percent credit for the first $2,000 a taxpayer contributes to a retirement plan.
Dec. 6, 2017 - Minimum Distributions for Missing Participants and Beneficiaries of Retirement Plans - Employee Plans Examinations issued a field directive to all exam agents on missing participants, beneficiaries and the required minimum distributions (RMD) standards under Internal Revenue Code Section 401(a)(9).
Oct. 26, 2017 - IRS Announces 2018 Pension Plan Limitations -  The Internal Revenue Service today announced cost of living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items for tax year 2018. The 401(k) Contribution Limit Increases to $18,500 for 2018.